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Personal consultant – Absolutely FREE!

How much do wrong decisions cost in agriculture business and how to avoid them?

Every day we are piled  by more than 30 000 advertisement and marketing messages and tempting offers.

How could we be sure that buying expensive machinery we are making the best choice for our needs?

Would a bargain price end up costing us much more in the future, calculating all expenses for service and spare parts that would be entailed?

Agritrade gives you the answer, which can guarantee your peace of mind –

Free Personal Consultant

You can subscribe for this service by a few simple steps:

1. Register to our website – the registration is absolutely free

2. Send an email to office@agritrade-bg.com, please do not forget to leave your contact details or simply call us

3. We will make an appointment for a meeting at a convenient time

4. One of our experts will meet with you for a preliminary discussion of your needs and expectation

5. A personal consultant then will be appointed; their responsibilities will be to investigate the state of your agro park. To analyse your present and future needs.

6. Strategic planning your future expansion and optimisation of the Agro Park, considering concrete conditions of exploitation as:

* Type of soil* Cultivation method* Crop – rotation scheme*

7. Recommending suitable machinery considering:

*Price*Quality*Spare parts*Service*

A free consultation does not bind you to purchasing equipment.

* Any personal data is only and solely used in law authorised ways and is confidential

*While dealing with your project (order) you communicate only with one person who is personally responsible for it and always available. You won’t be transferred from person to person.

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