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“Agritrade-BG “ Ltd  was set up in 2008 by eng. Tzvetelin Tzonev and eng. Ilyan Ilyev – two experts in the field of agro machinery to express their vision for modern and profitable agriculture.

They don’t need to be introduced – it is a fact that everyone in the agriculture business in Northern Bulgaria, from private farmers to big farming cooperation’s knows them in person.

The decision to set up their own company came as a natural continuation of their logical desire to combine gained expert experience from a leading company with their own philosophy for trading. Thereby providing, flexibility with a complete and personal service to each client. Such a policy is difficult to be put into practise by a big company, with centralised administration, where the service and marketing tends are solely based on numbers and statistics, rather than a knowledgeable personal touch.

They believe that in business everything is personal and they take it with pride and responsibility.

Where you can find them?

Most likely on the spot with clients where they can really be helpful.

At every trade fair and exhibition held at home and abroad, where they keep a close watch on the new trends and technologies.

Therefore you will rarely find them in the office, unless you have a prearranged meeting.

eng. Tzvetelin Tzonev


Hello. I’m Tzvetelin and I am very lucky guy, to have the perfect family and very successful business which I am devoted to, know well and sincerely love.

I am proud of my own reputation and people’s attitude towards me. Even my own mother in law loves me!

When not working here my wife would have exclaimed,  “when was that? “,  I do travel with my family, go to the gym and indulge in my other passion, the cars.

I spend lot of time in a continuous search, investigation and selection of these machines that would be most beneficial for our customers.

The most important thing I learned from practice: Behind every sale stands a real person with real needs and expectations. That I remind to myself every single day.

Eng. Iliyan Iliev


Hi, I’m Ilian. An expert in selling the agro machinery and proud father of three children. Watching my children grow up (looks like without any effort) and how our business grows (with a lot of work every day, every hour) and I’m pleased the way I’ve chosen.

I love meeting people; I spend much time with clients and strive to know them. Interested in new technologies, electrical and everything new in the field of agro machinery.

My spare time belongs to my family. We love the moments in nature, family picnics and BBQ with friends.

The most important thing I learned from practice: People trust people. Every day I come face to face with our customers.

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